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Enjoy a Comfortable Climate

Don’t suffer in the cold of winter, stay warm and comfortable. Most folks don’t consider Texas to be cold country, but winter temperatures often dip into the 30’s and occasionally even the 20’s. But even when it’s not close to freezing, it’s usually cold enough to use your heater to stay comfortable.

All Systems Need Maintenance

Your system may be only a few years old, but if it’s not well maintained it can still break down. And just because your heater is running, it doesn’t mean all is well. Without proper maintenance, your system may have to work harder than necessary, which adds extra stress and causes premature wear. Read our tips to help reduce wear and also keep your heating bill low.

Warning Signs

Here are some signs that you should get your heating unit checked out, even if it’s still operating:

Uneven temperatures in the house
No heat in one or more locations
Poor temperature control
System turns on and off frequently
System runs constantly
Energy bills are higher than normal
Unusual noises from the system (such as squealing, rumbling) during operation or when starting or stopping

If you notice any of these signs, get it checked out right away. Fixing issues early can save you lots of headaches and additional costs down the road. Not to mention how hard it may be to get a fast repair in the middle of a cold snap.

Emergency Service

Problems usually arise at inconvenient times. At Choice Air, we specialize in emergency repair services. We answer the phone 24/7 and can usually schedule same day service or whenever is most convenient for you. We live in the area and service mainly Frisco, McKinney, and Allen in order to keep travel times short and service levels high.

In addition, we DON’T charge extra for after hours or weekends. We understand that emergencies happen and that it can be stressful for homeowners. Our techs are trained to serve, not sell. We will identify the most economical solution for you, as well as give you options and suggestions for different needs.

Quality You Can Trust

We offer heating repairs and service residential and light commercial applications. We service all brands, and all types of heating systems. We built our reputation on 5-star customer service and invite you to read some online reviews wherever you can find them. You can trust Choice Air to deliver high quality at a fair price.

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