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The Importance of Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your heating system is critical to top performance. It will boost efficiency, which improves performance and lowers your overall costs in more ways than one.

First, properly maintaining your equipment will add years of life to your system, making it an excellent return on investment. Secondly, a well-maintained system is less likely to break down during a cold freeze. In other words, just when you need it most is when you may end up paying more to get it fixed asap. Finally, when your heater is in good shape, it will perform at maximum efficiency, allowing your monthly heating to be as low as possible.

Most importantly of all, by making sure it’s running well you can be more certain that it will function when you need it most. No one enjoys having to do repairs when it’s freezing cold out. Even one day without heating can make for a miserable time for you and your family.

CO Dangers

In addition to saving you money, proper maintenance may also save your life. A problem with your heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide (CO) leaks, which dangerous, if not deadly. It’s called a silent killer because CO has no smell, taste, or color, so if very hard to detect. If it happens at night, while you’re sleeping, CO poisoning can cause illness or even death. Proper maintenance can protect against this.

When and How Often Should Maintenance Be Done?

If you haven’t had regular maintenance work done, you may need more work to bring it up to top running order. But otherwise, you should only need regular maintenance in the fall. This will give us a chance to check the heating system before winter hits.

What is Covered During Maintenance?

A basic Furnace Maintenance Inspection includes a multi-point inspection, including a check for loose electrical connections and a test to make sure there are no carbon monoxide leaks.

If your heating system hasn’t had recent service, it may require a Precision Tune Up. In addition to the basic maintenance inspection, we check the heat exchanger for cracks, inspect/replace cracked hoses to the inducer draft motor, inspect/replace worn fuses, clean the flame sensor, and resurface the electrical contacts, if needed.

Quality You Can Trust

We offer heating repairs and service residential and light commercial applications. We service all brands, and all types of heating systems. We built our reputation on 5-star customer service and invite you to read some online reviews wherever you can find them. You can trust Choice Air to deliver high quality at a fair price.

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