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Care and Maintenance

A dirty environment and improper cooling levels can decrease your systems efficiently, increasing your energy costs. Furthermore, your compressor works harder, and the life span of your unit is shortened.
With proper maintenance, your air conditioner system should last about 15 years. below are a few easy tips from the pros, that will help keep your system running long and efficiently.

  • Check all hose connections for leaks, and make sure the condensate tube is draining freely.
  • Clean the air filter once a month and replace every 6 months.
  • Keep plants, shrubbery and other objects at least 2 ft. away around the entire unit  to allow for adequate airflow .
  • Vacuum the air vents and registers, or grills, regularly, and consider a professional duct cleaning every few years.
  • Keep furniture and drapes away from registers to avoid blocking airflow

There are other maintenance procedures that are best handled by a professional service provider. Consider having a professional inspection done once a year by our experienced technicians to ensure that your system is running efficiently.  We offer free, same day inspections!


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For the handymen visit our A/C Basics section for how your A/C works, maintenance tips, and common replacement products.

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